Taking medication as prescribed is extremely important to the overall effectiveness of any treatment process. This means taking the right dose, at the right time, frequently enough.

Medication Reminder
Develops your punctual medical intake schedule smartly.
Customizable Dispenser
Organize your meds in accordance with your habit.
Shortage Reminder
Always have your pills reloaded.
Heart Rate Tracker
See your body improving anytime, anywhere.
APP Sync
Multifunctional software , keeps you on the right track.
Travel Size
Lightweight body with a slim-shape design.

Find it hard to take meds on time?

Managing medication has always been a pain. When you finally had enough of the mess and ended up getting yourself a conventional pillbox, you would still find moving pills from box to box does not help anything at all. Meds still fall out everywhere, the dosage is still confusing, and most importantly, you still FORGET IT!

But with MedHub, your medication schedule is fully automated. MedHub will show you what medication to take at what time, keeps track of each time you’ve taken or missed medication. Proven to reduce missed pills by over 85%,

Easily set up as 1, 2, 3

MedHub is very easy to use, just put the pill and connect to our APP to receive the reminder. Even people who cannot operate a smart phone well can use it easily.

Organize your meds

Simply put your medicine into MedHub,

there will be four section(standard)

for you to store the pills.

Connects to your phone

Install our App and connects the

MedHub to your phone through Bluetooth,

and begin to receive the notifications!

Set up reminders

MedHub allows you to customize the section name, dosage,

and drug name. Perfectly fit the personal preference of

the person taking the medicine.

Medication Reminder

The reminding way is also very simple & easy. When it's time to take your medicine, MedHub's alarm would remind you to open the designated section and take out the medicine.

If you are doing other important things, or feel no need to take the medicine now, you can also short press and hold the heart rate detect button to turn off the alarm.

The buzzer will be triggered if dispensers were open at a time that is not on the schedule, short press the heart rate tracker to stop the buzzer which won't trigger heart rate tracking in this case.

Heart Rate Detection

MedHub not only helps you to store medicines and remind you to take medicines, but also

Health Records

High-capacity for all kinds of tablets

Inner Box Styles

Product Details

Replaceable Desiccant

Air-drying function to ensure that it wouldn't be affected by moisture. And with its own detection function, MedHub can remind you to replace the desiccant when it out of work.

Normally one desiccant would last for 3-4 months. The useful life will depend on the environment.

Sealing Ring

MedHub has its own sealing ring, which can fully protect the pills from moisture and lock 100% of the medicinal properties.

Product parameters