We also have independent research and development capabilities for conducts development, structures, hardware and software.With the improvement of living standards, people are investing more in personal health maintanence. Our work centers on wearable devices enhanced with health technology, such as a medical-grade smart watch that provides intelligent health management. This product is designed for people with chronic diseases, middle-aged people suffering stress, and senior citizens. It aims to improve medical outcomes and reduce expenses by enabling self-monitoring.

Design Conce

Yanhe (YHE) medical-grade intelligent blood pressure watch pursues minimalist and exquisite at the design level with efficient and professional at the product level. In design, we pursue the most natural design, remove the limitations of the styling itself to impressing the users with the long-lasting exquisite and instant blooming. The simplest geometric elements are also employed to enhance design aesthetics. On the product level, the device providing clinically accurate monitoring data with its delicate appearance. High-quality appearance and efficient interactive experience are our pursuits of product aesthetics. The design of our device involved medical-grade sensors and hardware combining innovation with practicality to help users take charge of their health.


The watch uses an AI-optimized, air pump blood pressure detection system with medical-grade sensors. The detection system includes an extra airbag attached to the inside of the watch band. Users can measure blood pressure through a measurement interface, or by pressing and holding the watch’s side button. When the measurement begins, the air pump in the body inflates the airbag, allowing the watch to obtain accurate blood pressure values through oscillometric measurement.

Core Innovation Point

This is China’s first smart watch to offer air pump blood pressure testing along with photoelectric heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring. It combines an air pump blood pressure detecting module and a PPG module. The former ensures the blood pressure detection reaches medical precision through the oscillometric method; the latter uses a photoelectric sensor to obtain pulse data and provide reliable readings of heart rate and blood oxygen, allowing both precision and continuous monitoring.



1.4-inch amoeld screen,320x360 resolution Capacitive touch screen,Reinforced glass plate


PPG heart rate sensor, Triaxial acceleration , Gyroscope, Pressure sensor


7 days

Strap Width





208MHz MTK processor


Low power consumption GPS


Rotor motor


Simplified Chinese, English

Body Size



4M RAM 2GB of fixed internal flash Memory is standard, 1.4GB are available for user storage


220mAh Li-polymer

Body Material

Medical grade stainless steel, PMMA, Glass


YHE os based on free RTos

Total Weight


Wireless Link

Bluetooth version 4.0 version 2.0

Charge Mode

USB interface dedicated charger

Detachable Strap

Quick release silicone sports watch strap

Waterproof Level